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  • Scottsdale Housing Inventory

    The charts are still showing inventory on the way down. That’s about to turn. In every year except 2010 there were more listings added in October than in September. So as the new month starts expect to see an increase in new listings. Year September October 2012 795 ??? 2011 808 943 2010 1071 1046 […]

  • Scottsdale Real Estate Inventory

    Real estate for sale in Scottsdale is a hard to find thing at the moment. I’ve posted a number of articles about it recently but it still continues to be the story to follow. In 2008 if you were looking for a home you had over 4,000 properties to choose from. Now it’s less than […]

  • Scottsdale Real Estate Supply

    Real estate like all consumer products is affected by supply and demand. Both sides of the equation are important but at times one side drives prices more than the other. Right now supply is the big story in the real estate market. Short Term Real Estate Supply The current supply of single family homes in […]

  • Buying A Home Won’t Get Much Cheaper Than This

    That’s the headline CNN Money is running with today. Pretty bold statement but it certainly does seem to be the case. Stuart Hoffman, chief economist for PNC Financial Services (PNC,Fortune 500), said he expects home prices to flatten out by the third quarter and start climbing by next year. A number of factors will help bolster […]

  • 85260 Real Estate Market Trends

    The 85260 real estate market is one I know very well. I used to live there, before settling in 85258 🙂 I need to send some market reports to a great client of mine this evening so I thought I would make it in the form of a blog post 🙂 That’s a lot of […]

  • Scottsdale Homes For Sale

    Scottsdale real estate news is completely different than it was only 18 months ago. The new news is the lack of inventory. Today is the time to send my monthly real estate newsletter which goes to all of my clients. The big story in real estate at the moment seems to be the lack of […]