Tag: Housing Recovery

  • Good News For The Housing Market

    Everyone is looking for good news for the housing market. Validation that it’s not a bad time to buy. Or to upgrade. To invest in a renovation. With all markets, analysts look for indicators of market direction. Most tend to be lagging indicators. Evidence of a move in the market thats starts to appear only […]

  • Signs of a Housing Recovery

    If there is one question I am asked as a REALTOR in todays market by nervous looking potential home buyers its the following: Are there signs of a recovery in the housing market? It’s the magic question that everyone wants the answer to. Today I found the answer. A sign. A sign that clearly signals […]

  • Phoenix Metro Area | Real Estate Market

    I was reading an article today about the Phoenix real estate market in AZ Central.┬áIt makes some good points the best being really that there is no real estate market sentiment that affects the entire valley.Each location and price bracket is reacting differently as we pull out of the housing crash that began in 2006. […]