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  • 20% Down Payment

    Having 20% downpayment towards a home purchase is the ideal amount for financed loans, even 25% can beĀ preferableĀ for jumbo loans. Up to this point that percentage has been seen as ideal not mandatory, depending on other circumstances. There had been calls to make the 20% a regulation for borrowers to get access to the best […]

  • Buying a Home | The Impact of Mortgage Rates

    There are a lot of people undecided about whether to move from renting to owning right now. Asking themselves the classic question: Is Now a good time to buy a home? Here in Scottsdale the question is sometimes asked even more nervously simply because of the massive swing in prices we have seen locally. Almost […]

  • Is it a good time to buy real estate?

    People are always talking about the direction the property market is headed in. Everyone has an opinion, or else they want an answer. In truth no one can tell you for sure and certainly your REALTOR should not be giving you investment advice. That said you just can’t stop people talking about it. Today the […]