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  • Modern Architecture in Paradise Valley

    My favorite style of architecture but a long way is contemporary. I love the use of glass, metal, marble and wood. The sleek lines. The way homes merge the lines between the outside and inside of the home. The king of modern in Arizona is Paradise Valley. I checked the MLS and checked the percentage […]

  • MLS Listings Just Got A Design Upgrade

    Hopefully as you read this blog post you will notice it’s easy to read. One reason for this is I use fonts specifically designed for the web. I use a font subscription service called typekit, which loads the fonts from their servers rather than beingĀ dependentĀ on the font’s installed on your computer or mobile device. The […]

  • Jennifer Lopez’s Beautifully Designed New California Home

    Sometimes you come across an article or blog post that you just have to share. Today Veranda magazine provided just such a feature, about the new design for J Lo’s California residence. The designer, Michelle Workman, looks to have done an outstanding job judging by the pictures. “Jennifer and I wanted elegance, but we didn’t […]