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  • Buying Beats Renting

    Phoenix, Arizona is 49% cheaper to live in if you own your own home versus renting according to a new study published by online property listing site Trulia. I’m not going to dig into all the methodology behind the published study. As you can imagine there are many many variables that lead to what it […]

  • Why People Buy A House

    The housing market over the last 7 or 8 years has left everyone a little exhausted. Crazy gains where if you didn’t put an offer in today you were worried prices would sky rocket tomorrow. From that to meltdown. One of the things that has happened is people are so bitten by the stories that […]

  • Better to buy than rent in Pheonix

    According to data from Trulia the real estate market in Phoenix favors buying as opposed to renting. Both Phoenix, Az and Mesa, AZ are quoted in the study as having a Price:Rent Ratio of 8. Results being interpreted as follow: Price-to-Rent Ratio of 1-15: Owning a home is much less expensive than renting in this […]