The Best Phoenix Zip Codes

Phoenix is a big place. It dwarfs neighboring cities such as Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

By area, Phoenix is 517 sq miles. Scottsdale just 184 sq miles and Paradise Valley only 16!

In general terms the majority of Phoenix is just unknown to me both personally and professionally. I just don’t know the area. But there are a couple of pockets that I find my business being drawn to.


It’s sometimes hard to know exactly where Paradise Valley ends and Phoenix begins. The mid century modern pockets of homes just to the west of the Camel’s head seem just a stones throw from Paradise Valley.

This zip code is a happening place. Chelsea’s Kitchen, Postino, The Grind provide the eats.  The mid century architecture is being rediscovered and polished to perfection.

There is some very exquisite real estate in this zip code. In some ways it doesn’t have the brand name of Paradise Valley but some of the larger estates are breathtaking.


I’m not a native Phoenician by any means but I do feel the history of the Biltmore area. I love the Biltmore Fashion park has such a different feel to say Scottsdale Quarter.

Across the street the high rise living at Esplanade, 2211, Optima provide the only true high rise residential clusters in the Valley. There’s really a buzz on street.

Driving along the Biltmore Estates has the same feeling of neighborhoods in Beverley Hills. Custom houses on beautifully manicured grounds, without the need for the sometimes tacky Tuscan of DC Ranch etc.