Scottsdale Vacation Homes

Scottsdale is one of the most popular places to own a second home. We have great weather for most of the year which is one of the major pulls.

What makes the perfect vacation home?

The perfect vacation home is one that makes you feel like it’s a resort the moment you arrive. It’s doesn’t have to be as serious as a full time home. You can deal with a little bit less storage as long as the home excites you. Just a small one bedroom condo can make the perfect vacation home, depending on your needs.

The key is the home has the ability to relax you and your family and let you enjoy everything Scottsdale has to offer.

What Are The Popular Types of Vacation Home?

Just being here in the beautiful weather in the spring months is enough for many people but there’s more to some vacation homes than that. Here’s some features to look for.

Golf – The number one pastime for vacation home owners is golf. The list of communities built around golf courses is too many to mention. The entire surrounds of Pinnacle Peak mountain are golf communities.

I’m not feeling very well – I need a doctor immediately. Ring the nearest golf course. – Groucho Marx.

Lock and Leave – Security is important. Many out of state buyers like the security of guard gated communities. Those with 24 hour security gates are particularly popular such as Gainey Ranch and Las Brisas.

Waterfront – Living right on the water creates a magic that is perfect for a vacation home. There are not very many waterfront homes in Arizona, not that surprising really seeing as it’s in the desert 🙂 But those that are can be truly amazing. Check out the waterfront home I recently listed in Las Brisas.

Mountain Views – If you are coming from Manhattan or Chicago there’s a good chance you don’t have mountain views in your main residence. Scottsdale has plenty of homes with mountain views whether that is mountains as the back drop to your views or living high up in the mountains looking down. Silverleaf, Troon, Estancia all have some amazing homes with stunning mountain views. If mountain views are a must for you don’t forget to also look for homes in Paradise Valley, AZ.

There’s lots of features to look for in a second or third home and Scottsdale can certainly supply most of those features, skiing is a no 🙂 Call me if you are about to plan your search.