Scottsdale Real Estate Market | Let’s Do Some Deals

I am back from two short vacations and if my phone is an indication the market here in Scottsdale is heating up. It’s busy today!

I am getting a lot of calls about rentals still. My experience has been that well priced rentals are going fast and the supply of inventory is super low. There’s just not much choice out there for renters, especially if they have specific demands like a certain school area.

The recent debt issues, ratings downgrade and accompanying stock market fall may concern home buyers. I’m certainly not here to predict the market but one thing that might influence home buyers is that if the ratings downgrade permeates through to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac it could mean a rise in mortgage interest rates. So as always there is a double edged sword will prices go down and / or will borrowing costs go up.

One thing is for sure there will be a lot of interest in Scottsdale real estate between now and the new year. New listings, new deals and new pulls and pushes on the market. I am here as always if you have any questions.