Scottsdale Real Estate Inventory

Real estate for sale in Scottsdale is a hard to find thing at the moment. I’ve posted a number of articles about it recently but it still continues to be the story to follow.

In 2008 if you were looking for a home you had over 4,000 properties to choose from. Now it’s less than 1,800.

While that seems like quite a lot of homes at a glance when you drill down into a search it shows just how limited the selection may be. Take a larger family who want to live in a 4 or more bedroom house, 3,000sq ft plus on one level with max budget of $500,000. They would only have 14 homes to choose from. If they also wanted a pool only 8 homes.

If you are thinking to sell your home now is a great time to be on the market in terms of competition. It’s just a lot lower than it has been and it’s lower really than the market needs.

In July 676 homes closed. So just over 2.5 months active inventory. That’s a challenge for buyers for sure and a selling opportunity for people who want to move but have been staying out of the market after the crash.