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Now is that time of the year when many people are returning from summer vacations. The kids are back to school, in Arizona at any rate. The blast of summer heat is starting to become bearable under the promise of 9 months of perfect weather to follow.

People start to look at each other. Summer’s nearly over. We survived.

Now is also the time a lot of people turn their attention to real estate. Empty nesters with kids packed off to college ponder is now the time to downsize? Young couples, with exciting news that a family is on the way, need to move from a condo to a place for the family to grow.

There’s first time buyers who have patiently sat aside while the market moved in crazy turns all the time slowly saving enough of a down payment to be considered for a mortgage that once would of been given no questions asked.

With all this going on homes are being placed in the the Multiple Listing Service, cleaned, staged and photographed.

Real estate is always part of a bigger story. A bigger dream. A life goal. Sometimes it’s marriage, divorce, upsizing, downsizing, children coming or leaving. If you want some help with the next step in your real estate story please give me a call. I’ll be happy to help. Let’s make your dreams come true.

Below are the 10 latest properties to offer themselves up for sale in Scottsdale. No doubt they are all someones dream home, they just need to find the right person.

Latest Scottsdale Homes For Sale
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