Gainey Ranch | What’s To Eat?

Some places just can’t seem get long term restaurants to stick with them. One example of this is the DC Ranch marketplace.

Grimaldi’s has had a successful operation there for many years but other than that there’s been a lot of of tenants coming and going. Krispy Kreme, Eddie V’s, Sol Y Sombra and more have all bit the dust. Just Grimaldi’s and Flemings really holding strong.

Gainey Ranch also has a bit of the same problem. I was in the area at a listing meeting yesterday and I decided I would do this blog post about the restaurants at the Shops at Gainey Village.

It was harder than I thought! One of the restaurants I quite liked McCormick and Schmick’s had closed and I wasn’t even aware. Bloom has been replaced. The large mexican taverna on the corner is shuttered.

What’s happening?

I think there’s just so much competition on Scottsdale Road customers are being pulled both north and south of Gainey. Scottsdale Quarter and Kierland restaurants always seem to be hopping.

What’s To Eat in Gainey Ranch?

Here some of the options that remain.

Cask 63 | Gainey Ranch Village
Cask 63 | Gainey Ranch Village

Cask 63 is the replacement for Bloom, this one is not a Fox restaurant concept though. I haven’t tried it yet but it looked busy enough.

Village Tavern at Gainey Village
Village Tavern at Gainey Village

The one anchor with longevity is the Village Tavern. Quite a large menu in the Cheesecake Factory mold.

Paradise Bakery | Gainey Ranch
Paradise Bakery | Gainey Ranch

Paradise bakery gives you options for coffee and cake, soup and sandwich type lunch and breakfasts.

Gainey is such an amazing location. The Gainey village dining options are a little limited right now but in  10 minutes drive you can be at tons of amazing restaurants. Some favs for you to google, Houston’s, Roaring Fork, Pomo Pizzeria, Cowboy Ciao, The Mission, all within 10 minute drive.