MLS Listings Just Got A Design Upgrade

Hopefully as you read this blog post you will notice it’s easy to read. One reason for this is I use fonts specifically designed for the web. I use a font subscription service called typekit, which loads the fonts from their servers rather than being dependent on the font’s installed on your computer or mobile device.

The good news if you are working with an agent that is sending you lists of properties to view from the Arizona Multiple Listing Service as of tonight I’ve noticed they are being displayed with a nice web specific font.

Arizona Multiple Listing Service uses a web interface provided by FlexMLS. You will notice links sent by agents that look like

Flex do a great job because the Arizona MLS holds a LOT of records. And each entry has a lot of fields. It’s a massive database. Yet Flex always runs fast for me.

Design is important. Functionality is important. Today it looks like design caught up with functionality. Browsing the MLS is nicer than before. Now if only someone could persuade most agents to get professional pictures done.