Modern Architecture in Paradise Valley

My favorite style of architecture but a long way is contemporary. I love the use of glass, metal, marble and wood. The sleek lines. The way homes merge the lines between the outside and inside of the home.

The king of modern in Arizona is Paradise Valley.

I checked the MLS and checked the percentage of homes listed for sale as contemporary.

Paradise Valley: 18%
Carefree: 13%
Scottsdale: 12%
Phoenix: 10%

Somewhat this percentage is determined by the affluence of the area in general. Modern is not cheap. Achieving the look takes high end materials. Sometimes complex engineering solutions to make a house work on a hills side or to create large banks of glass.

But modern suits Paradise Valley for other reasons. It just has more of an urban feel. Take DC Ranch as an example. Modern just doesn’t feel right here. All the homes tend to either have a Tuscan or Spanish villa style. It works with the community feel.

Paradise Valley is not master planned, so it feels more eclectic.  Modern just works. It’s also the perfect way to leverage the beautiful mountain views.

Tonight I will be previewing an insanely gorgeous modern masterpiece in Paradise Valley. Check out the photo’s below to see some of the amazing things happening in real estate in Paradise Valley. You can view the homes I will be viewing below.

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”4643086″ showall=”true”]

Finding Modern Homes For Sale

Unfortunately consumer search tools are not useful in finding contemporary homes., Zillow and Trulia all do not have any search fields for architectural style.

Luckily the Arizona MLS does have this feature so if you would like to see a list of all the contemporary homes for sale in Paradise Valley or the Phoenix Metro area just email me. I’d be happy to send it over.