Which Real Estate Website Do You Visit Most?

A lot of people are interested in real estate. Of course it’s where we live, and our home means a lot more to us than just bricks and mortar. If you go for dinner with a group of 8 people it always seems that real estate makes it’s ways to the discussion topics.

People have a desire to search properties, find decorating ideas, market analysis, mortgage rates and more. But which website is your favorite?

Here are the top 10 traffic sites in real estate for May 2011, data provided by Experian Hitwise.

Top 10 Real Estate Websites By Traffic

None of these websites can give you as much access to information and statistics as actual MLS access but information now for consumers is more accessible than ever before. My favorite 3 of these sites are.

Trulia.com: Has a great user interface and detailed information. I like the layout of their home search better than zillow and realtor.com.

AOL Real Estate: Is a good read for quirky real estate stories. Which celebrity is selling their over priced New York loft. Coffee break style time passing.

Front Door: This site blends property search and information with more of a remodeling theme. Some good ideas for what is happening in remodel trends etc.

Which site is your favorite?