Real Estate Marketing and The Importance of Good Pictures

As a Real Estate agent in North Scottsdale who specializes mainly in the luxury market, photography plays a very important part in my marketing efforts. At the luxury end of the market we need to involve professional photographers, however, even if your property is more modestly priced there still no excuse for sloppy photographs.

Here’s some tips for how you and your real estate agent can work together to produce great photo’s to market your home.

Good lighting

Make sure the pictures are taken on a bright and sunny day. Turn all the lights on and if possible add extra light. You can buy those cheap fluorescent lights for construction workers at a hardware store. Good light makes a room seem bigger.

Tidy Up!

Don’t take pictures of a messy house. It seems obvious but its amazing how many pictures I see with a big mess in the room, one I saw recently had a toilet brush on the kitchen counter! Not acceptable.

Take Plenty of Pictures

Don’t just take a few pictures. Really take your time, try multiple angles, it’s always best to pick a few gems from 100’s of pictures. In today’s digital worked you don’t have to get everything done in 24 exposures.

Resize, Rotate

Make sure the pictures are sized nicely. Most home buyers looking online have fairly high resolution monitors these days so don’t make the pictures too small, it can give the impression you are hiding something. Can you believe I still see some pictures on listings that haven’t been rotated?

Use a Camera

If you or your agent are using an iPhone or cell phone to take pictures obviously the result is not going to be good.

Choose Wisely

Obviously the point of the pictures is to entice buyers to view your property. That means offering enough pictures to give a good representation of your home, 10 pictures should be a minimum. Obviously concentrate of the positives of your property like a spacious kitchen, stunning views or landscaped garden.

Pictures are a very important part of marketing and selling your home and if your agent does not seem to be taking this part of their job seriously it’s time to ask for improvements. Remember you can help your agent by getting the house ready for pictures.

The luxury end of the market is often where the newest developments are so check online some of the more expensive properties in your area, and get ready to apply some of the techniques to your pictures. Remember you can use million dollar marketing ideas to sell a lower value house, it’s what will make your house stand out from the crowd.

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Posted by Marta Walsh.