Where Are People Searching For Scottsdale Real Estate From?

The short answer it seems is: All over the world.

Today I was looking at my Google Analytics statistics to see just exactly who was visiting www.martawalsh.com.

Here are some of the findings.

Just this year there have been visitors from 77 different countries.

In 2011. The most visitors to this site have been

USA: 82% Canada: 8% UK: 1.5%

Worldwide Heat Map Centered on Scottsdale, AZ
Worldwide Heat Map Centered on Scottsdale, AZ

As for visitor by city the top 25 list includes.

9 cities from Arizona.

4 cities from Canada.

And the big market cities of New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Washington, Seattle, Denver and San Francisco.

Top Visitors by City
Top Visitors by City

Some more quick details about the visitors to this site.

63% use Windows OS.

37% use Internet Explorer.

I’m glad to host visitors locally or from all over the world. I’m just glad there is so much interest in Scottsdale and all the beautiful and amazing real estate here.