Moving To Scottsdale From Overseas

Many people from across the world have been keeping a close eye on the Phoenix and Scottsdale real estate market since the big price falls from the 2005 highs. The weakish dollar has also increased affordability and potential investment return for foreign buyers.

Here I have a few tips for customers trying to buy in Scottsdale from abroad.

Be Organized

With sometimes different timezones and currencies in play it really pays to be organized. The best situation is to have everything in order at home before contacting a real estate agent. That means having proof of funds ready this way your agent will know you are ready to buy and can negotiate with sellers on this basis.

Find a Scottsdale REALTOR who is willing to work with video

The best way to get a sense of a property from abroad is to find an agent willing to go to a property and shoot some video while there. Virtual tours are useful but most times these are just static pictures, or at best a 360 panorama. But you get a much better sense of light and space with video.

Get Skype

If you will be making a lot of calls, and trust me you will if you end up buying a home abroad the costs can add up fast. To get around this I suggest using Skype to make international calls, it can save a lot of money.

Buying a home from abroad is not an easy task but it has been done many times before. Find a knowledgeable and local REALTOR who has excellent communication skills and you too can profit from investment opportunities in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

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Posted by Marta Walsh a North Scottsdale REALTOR at Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty.