How to Write Great Blog Content

I was reading  Ricardo Bueno’s interesting post “How to write good blog content“.

As a REALTOR blogging is a big part of my strategy to help connect with clients.

So I was thinking about what makes great not even good content for my blog. Here’s what I came up with.

Make it local. But accessible to out of state readers.
The majority of my clients are residents of Scottsdale or Paradise Valley already but I always try to consider how an out of state buyer might feel about the content I write. I want them to feel like my site is useful for locals and people who don’t know much about the area. I love North Scottsdale, it’s my job to spread that passion.

People live via pictures. So many bloggers are so obsessed with search engine rankings that they forget readers like visual stimulation too. When was the last time you saw a print magazine optimized for keywords?

Break Rules.
When it comes to a REALTOR website is never afraid to break rules, crash down barriers and ignore the norm. Don’t be afraid to write about anything. So many REALTORS set up a blog and within a month its a wasteland. To me that’s because they just don’t know what to write. Write anything, bring personality. If you bring personality you are doing more than 99% of your competitors. Sure you will lose some people who don’t think they will work well with you but you will entice so many more. And those are the people who are already primed and ready to work with you.