The Honest Real Estate Broker

I love to blog. It’s an important way for me to connect to real estate clients. It is what made me one the world’s top fashion and beauty bloggers.

One of the main bi-products of blogging is you read more. Every post you write tends to need a reference, some evidence to the back story, something that makes you look around, search Google for just to find evidence. You learn a lot by writing.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Seth Godin‘s. Some of the things that make his blog are that it’s daily. Go back every day, and he’s sharing a new thought. Sometimes more than one idea but never less. I’m not sure how he is so prolific with his thoughts, does he have a team, or contributors, the consistency is impressive enough on it’s own (If you write you’ll know).

Another thing I like about Seth’s blog is almost always his posts are meant to be the start to a conversation not the end. Most often agnostic of industry. Apply his ideas to your job, your startup, your relationships. Doesn’t matter what you do for a living or what you are planning to create his ideas on marketing, on shipping and customer service apply equally.

Sometimes I use Seth’s ideas as a spring board for a blog post of my own. To use to create real estate specific content and ideas. Today I read something in Seth’ blog that doesn’t need any addition. It sums up perfectly how real estate professionals should be.

Either you believe in what you sell, or you don’t.

Either you treat your best partners better, or you treat everyone the same.

Either you shade the truth when it’s painful to do otherwise, or you consistently share what’s important.

From The Honest Broker | Seth Godin

This post captures 100% of what I do every day. The goals I have. It’s nice when someone puts into words so eloquently what you are all about.