Listing Your Home For Sale | Timeline to Sell

Thinking of selling a home in Paradise Valley or Scottsdale? One thing to be aware of is the time it takes to get a house on the market. Here is a time line of steps that it takes to get a property sold fast.

Sell Your Home Fast With a Professional Listing
Sell Your Home Fast With a Professional Listing

1. Contact an Agent to set up an appointment. Hopefully it’s me you are calling 🙂

2. Second meeting with agent to finalize selling price and complete listing paperwork.

3. Agent orders professional photography. No ifs ands or buts, do not let them take the pictures themselves.

4. Once agent receives the photographs of your home they should create custom print materials and create a virtual tour online.

5. Your home can then be put live in the multiple listing service (MLS).

Geting to this point will take at least 2 weeks. Good photographers are in demand and it’s worth waiting for the best.

6. Your agent should schedule a brokers open house to get as many selling agents to see it as possible.

7. The listing should be syndicated to all of the major real estate web portals.

8. Print advertising for local magazines and newspapers should be created.

Selling a home is a multi step process, and I don’t think you can rush or skimp on any  step. You can read how I plan to market your home to sell fast. Allow at least 3 weeks for a professionally created home listing and to get plenty of agents to view your home. Taking the time to do it right will eventually get your home sold faster and normally for a higher.

If after a first meeting an agent starts wandering around your home with a camera muttering about how they can have the listing live tomorrow, that’s not a good thing.

So if you are thinking about selling your home make sure to contact me at least 3 weeks before you would like to see the home actually on the market.