Zillow Price Data For Phoenix Metro Area

A lot of consumers pay attention to Zillow’s house pricing features. Their Zestimate is often mentioned by prospective house sellers when asked what they think their home is worth.

Zillow released a new round of data today. Stating the median Phoenix metro home is worth $122,900. Phoenix Metro posted another month on month loss.

What I hadn’t noticed until today was that Zillow very kindly make all their data downloadable. If you read this blog much you will know I find housing market data extremely useful.

I created the visualization below of the main markets I work in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Carefree and there is quite a contrast to the Phoenix metro area as a whole. Google Docs rocks for these kind of things.

Whenever I travel to New York people assume every area here is like the Phoenix metro area as a whole. Cheap homes under $100k with a pool!

Paradise Valley is already pushing back to over a $1 million for the median home.

Carefree is turning into one of the stars of local real estate. Zillow reporting 2.5% quarter on quarter growth.

Scottsdale at $261,300 has more expensive median house price than Hackensack, New Jersey.

Enjoy the visualization and give me a call if you would like to talk real estate.