Category: Mortgages

  • FHA Loan Limits Reverted

    You may of heard that FHA loan limits were decreased at the end of September. Previously the limit was $346,250 and they reduced it to $271,050. Now it’s back to $346,250 as Congress pass a new spending bill, reported in the WSJ. The FHA website is as I write this post still reflecting the reduced amount. This is good […]

  • Mortgage Rates At Record Lows

    Sometimes in life timing is awful. Each time I hear about mortgage rates I get the feeling that the timing of these low rates is just not right for a lot of people. Arizona Central is reporting the rate on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage recently fell to 4.01%. That is low. Seriously low. […]

  • 20% Down Payment

    Having 20% downpayment towards a home purchase is the ideal amount for financed loans, even 25% can be preferable for jumbo loans. Up to this point that percentage has been seen as ideal not mandatory, depending on other circumstances. There had been calls to make the 20% a regulation for borrowers to get access to the best […]

  • Buy Vs. Rent Calculator

    Today I came across a really useful little tool that can help you calculate whether it is better for you you to rent a home or buy a home. This is the most thorough tool I have found so far for this purpose. The only difficult part for consumers can be inputting the right […]

  • Sellers How To Stop Your Deals Falling Apart

    An interesting article posted by the Real Deal an online real estate focuses magazine reports that June saw an increasing number of deals falling out of contract. What’s going on here? Lawrence Yun, the chief economist of NAR, said the sudden spike is surprising and worrisome, and that there are no hard statistics available on […]

  • Two thirds of Americans Think Now Is a Good Time to Buy a Home.

    According to the 2011 National Housing Pulse Survey 64% of Americans think now is a good time to buy a home. While fewer Americans than in the past agree, the overwhelming majority 72 percent still say that buying a home is a good financial decision. Almost two thirds,  64 percent say that now is a good […]