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  • People Still Want to Buy Their Home

    Confidence gets shaken.¬†Neighbors¬†get foreclosed. Homes sink underwater. But you cannot dislodge the underlying belief in people that owning their home is the best way to go. 70 percent of Americans said homeownership is part of achieving their American Dream. The data for this comes from Trulia. My favorite site of the real estate power portals. […]

  • Which Real Estate Website Do You Visit Most?

    A lot of people are interested in real estate. Of course it’s where we live, and our home means a lot more to us than just bricks and mortar. If you go for dinner with a group of 8 people it always seems that real estate makes it’s ways to the discussion topics. People have […]

  • Better to buy than rent in Pheonix

    According to data from Trulia the real estate market in Phoenix favors buying as opposed to renting. Both Phoenix, Az and Mesa, AZ are quoted in the study as having a Price:Rent Ratio of 8. Results being interpreted as follow: Price-to-Rent Ratio of 1-15: Owning a home is much less expensive than renting in this […]