Tag: Real Estate Photography

  • What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    Well pretty much everything. Spotted in the Arizona Multiple Listing Service this morning. Floating hands. Watermark showing the picture was taken in 2008. Bad Lighting. Bad angle. Demand Great Photo’s From Your Agent Imagine walking on to the lot of a Mercedes or Porsche dealership and being handed a brochure with a badly taken image […]

  • Real Estate Photographs | Tip of the Day

    There’s lots of terrible photographs taken of good looking homes that hurt the marketing. One thing to watch for is. Swimming Pool Hose Don’t forget to take it out. Would you expect to see a vacuum cleaner in the great room or a mop in the kitchen pictures? Photo’s from the ARMLS, Arizona Multiple Listings […]

  • You Can’t Sell A House With Bad Photo’s

    Not in this market. Not with every buyer starting their home search online. Not for a premium price. Why are good photographs so important? Would you get a haircut at this salon?

  • Great Photo’s Sell Houses Faster and For More Money

    Such a bold claim in the title today 🙂 But I think it really makes a lot of sense. On Friday AOL Real Estate (One of the better real estate consumer portals) ran a story discussing the impact of professional real estate photography on a a listing for sale. A study published last fall by […]