How Much Is Your House Worth?

As a REALTOR working in the North Scottsdale luxury property market one of the most concerning issues for sellers is what price to list your home at. I have just a few things to consider when making your decision.

Many people list high at first thinking they can always lower the price later if necessary.

This strategy can harm the seller because when a listing first goes live there tends to be a lot of interest in the property. REALTORS will view the new listing and consider it for their buying clients. If it is priced too high many agents will just think its overpriced and their buyers will not be interested. The problem is here if the property subsequently has a price reduction its very hard to get agents to reconsider it because they’ve previously ruled it out, you have to work doubly hard to get the attention.

Your home is beautiful so you don’t think the comparable market analysis is valid.

A good comparable market analysis takes a lot of factors in to consideration. You may have a beautiful home. Dripping with granite and upgrades but you should still take notice of what is selling and sold locally. The reason for this is as follows. If you price your home far beyond the local market you won’t even get people in through the front door. A beautiful home really shows well, but you need buyer interest so price is one factor to keep in mind. Of course that should always be part of a larger marketing plan.

You want an agent who agrees with your valuation

It’s tempting to only want to list with a REALTOR who agrees with your own valuation of your property. It’s certainly correct that your real estate agent buys in to whats great about your property and has a clear marketing plan for all the great features, however, I think a professional agent should have an input on pricing. They should be able to make a clear case as to why they would price it either above or below your valuation and that should give you some additional food for thought.

A great REALTOR wants you to succeed in your real estate goals and that certainly means selling your home for a price that you are happy and comfortable with. There’s so many factors in pricing your home correctly especially in todays uncertain markets, take these ideas on board and good luck with selling your home fast!

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