Five Active Sports For Kids In North Scottsdale

North Scottsdale has some of the best weather in the country for 9 months of the year. And there is just so much to do to keep your children active all year round.

As a REALTOR who can help families relocating from out of state I am often asked whats there to do for kids? Here some of my ideas for active kids.


Arizona has some of the best golf in the country. From whole golf communities like Troon to the TPC Scottsdale. There are tons of ways to get your kids into golf, start with just a ball and a junior club in the local park or even in your garden and progress through through groups lessons to more competitive programs for gifted kids.

Mini golf at Crackerjax is a great way to see if your toddlers have an aptitude for the ancient game. All in all any form of golf is a great way to get fresh air and see some beautiful scenery.


Kids seem to love soccer. I should know because my husband Matt Walsh regularly coaches at North Scottsdale Soccer Club.

Its pure running around and at the end of the day all you need is a ball. A lot less equipment than more expensive sports.

Ice Hockey

One of the coolest and I mean literally coolest things to do in the summer is to visit the Ice Den in North Scottsdale. It’s fun to either free skate or even just watch a hockey practise in the freezing temperatures. The two rinks are a truly great facility.

However, you are way more likely to find Marta enjoying brunch at Over Easy at the Ice Den, but that’s just me!


If you are an Arizona resident or plan to be here often you must teach your children to swim. it’s a great life skill and here in Arizona it’s the only safe way to be.

The McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic Center just off Thompson Peak Parkway in North Scottsdale provides an amazing community service. For residents of Scottsdale the swimming lessons offered are amazing value. It’s a must!

Horse Riding

Horse riding is not always the most accessible activity but Scottsdale has tons of horse properties and some people will give kids free time on the horses in exchange for chores are the place. Its a great sport and skill to have especially as the weather cools. You can even take horses into the Sedona area for some amazing horse trails.

That’s just some of the ideas that can keep kids active here in sunny North Scottsdale. Much better to do in real life than on the PlayStation or Wii.

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