Scottsdale Schumacher European LTD Mercedes Dealership

I’ve recently became the proud owner of a Mercedes. My dad used to have a Mercedes when I was growing up and for some reason it stuck as my favorite car. I didn’t get the biggest Mercedes LOL but my C300 is nonetheless super luxurious. Everything about buying a Mercedes was very pleasant and what helped the most was the customer service at Scottsdale Schumacher. I was treated like a queen there thanks to Michael Wood. In fact this was the first time when a salesperson wasn’t trying to give me that ‘hard sell’ which always makes me run the opposite direction. Ha! The Mercedes speaks for itself, it’s such a beautiful car it’s inevitable anyone can fall in love. Fast:) Well, at the moment I’m working on one day afford the bigger Mercedes, and when I’m ready I know I’m going back to Michael Wood and Scottsdale Schumacher.

Marta Walsh with her new Mercedes C300 ready to drive off Scottsdale Schumacher to go shopping, Scottsdale Fashion Square mall maybe 🙂

I have to tell this to all the ‘East Coast’ people out there, (well I’m from New York City myself) that Scottsdale is the perfect place for cars. Imagine it’s sunny here everyday, no rain, no snow. Cars are just happy here:) Thinking of a second home or a place in the sun, Scottsdale is where it’s at.

Scottsdale Schumacher
Drive the Best at 101 & North Scottsdale Road

Marta Walsh

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  1. Michael Wood says:

    You are a Queen, so my job was easy!!

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